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The Spa Industry

Step by step handcraft E-book recipes for -

1) Handcrafted soap
2) Bath teas, additives and soaks spa treatments
3) Bubble baths and bath bombs
4) Butter, balms,lotions and cream
5) Scrubs, Polishes, Salt and Masques
6) Home Fragrance
7) Potpourri and Sachets
8) Aromatherapy Blends

A comprehensive "desk reference" with more than enough ideas and possibilities to keep you occupied for years!

The spa industry is the fourth largest leisure industry in the United States, and continues to be highlighted in movies, television, articles and advertising. All of these factors have combined to make the spa experience more mainstream -- and growing numbers of consumers are looking to add the spa experience to their everyday lives.

Soap making recipes, soap recipes, bath recipes, making botanicals, soapmaker, handmade soap and bath product, bath body handmade, make soap, soap making recipes, skin care products, body care recipe, handmade toiletries, make potpourri, potpourri supply. If you are looking to capture your slice of the lucrative spa market, you will need a firm foundation of products to build your line -- soothing bath salts, exfoliating body scrubs, moisturizing body lotions and balms -- just to name a few...

If you want to save money by learning how to make your own lotions and potions for literally pennies on the dollar - you will need recipes, suppliers and step-by-step instructions to get you started quickly and easily...

Or if you want fresh ideas for this fun and creative hobby, you will find them in The Handcrafter's Companion. This handy reference collection of product recipes, references and ideas has been lovingly compiled over several years by fellow spa product enthusiasts -- you won't find this information anywhere else on the Internet!

Discover how to create your own pampering bath and body products and transform your home into your own luxurious spa oasis!

This unprecedented collection contains extensive product formulations, plus invaluable resources, information and advice on branding, packaging, marketing and more!

Within the pages of The Handcrafter's Companion, you'll discover a wide assortment of spa product recipes, as well as additional resources including our handy conversion calculators, packaging templates, a "cheat sheet" of commonly-used potpourri botanicals and marketing ideas.

Let's talk About Cat Arthritis

It is in feline nature to be climbing and bounding around. They seem to have an unlimited supply of energy, and appear to be so happy while they leap and run all over your home. With this in mind, you know you want to do whatever it takes to keep them healthy and happy for as long as you can. So when you see signs that your pet may have a joint problem, you’ll want to know what you can do to make them feel better, and hopefully get them back to normal.

Arthritis is basically the inflammation of one or several of the joints. It can be caused by an infection, or even by the cats’ owns immune system. The two most common arthritic forms that affect felines’ are Traumatic Arthritis, and Osteoarthritis. No actual cure for these ailments currently exists, but there are treatments that may lessen the severity of the symptoms, and work to vastly improve your cats’ ability to get around.

If your cat is over-weight, the extra pounds that they carry may contribute to the development of feline arthritis. If you put your cat on a carefully monitored diet, it may go a long way to helping your cat to overcome the pain and discomfort that comes from arthritis.

You can also promote joint health and increase your cats’ mobility by using supplements. You may wish to use supplements containing Glucosamine, Condroitin, and Omega Three fatty acids to help keep the cartilage well lubricated and moist. They also stimulate the cells of the joints and repair the damage done by the arthritis, and act as a pain reliever to help with the stiffness and discomfort. It may take a month or two before you are able to notice the benefits of these supplements, but they are very safe, and the positive effects that they will have on your cats’ health will be apparent, and help greatly in the long run.

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A Great Boss I Have Worked With

An organization that experiences continual winning has always have a code of honor. My boss has a set of internal rules that set the standards of what is expected and how team members are expected to behave towards each other and toward the organization.The reason it is called a "code" is that it is the heart and soul of any team. It also create accountability, that is doing what you say, by being clear about what behavior is expected. You attract those who are already willing to play that way. Otherwise, you faced with having to deal with everyone's interpretation of what is acceptable.
Here are some of his stipulated code of conduct
- be on time

- never talk behind other's people's back. Deal with them face to face

- be responsible. No blaming others, finger pointing or justifying

- respect other's people opinion

- never abandon a team member in need

- complete all agreements and clean up broken or potentially broken agreements as soon as possible.

- commit to studying personal development and doing what it takes to be the best

- be loyal to each other

Ending A Relationship

Ending a Relationship Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Does your to-do list look something like this:

· Walk dog
· Water plants
· Break up with significant other

While ending a relationship is hardly at the top of anybody’s calendar, the fact is that when a relationship has gone sour, someone has to make the move to end it.

The truth is that many relationships last long beyond the “expire by” date just because breaking up is hard to do.

Sometimes a break up happens in dramatic fashion with clothes being thrown out of a second story window.

Other times, the relationship just peters out until someone says “it’s caput.”

How do you go about ending a relationship so that neither party  does not gets hurt?

You need to get clear on why you want to terminate the romance. The immediate reason that jumps into your mind may not be the real reason. Once you get clear, the next step in ending a relationship is to get honest. That means that in your discussion with your partner that you are true to yourself and to them.

Schedule a mutually convenient time for the breakup. In general, it is better to do it in person rather than over the phone, but if distance is an issue in the relationship, you should do it sooner than wait for a time you can get together.

Get into a state of compassion when ending the relationship. If you want to stay friends after the break up, you need to conclude the romantic ties with love and compassion.

Do not  put your partner on the defensive. Talk about the things you have learned and the memories you will cherish that have come from your love. Be present during the break up. Your partner may become very emotional during this time. You need to respond to their needs.

Do not take anything personally when ending a relationship. Your partner may say things they don’t really mean. Let these words roll off of your back.

Your partner may need to meet with you more than once to conclude the relationship. Or, they may need space. Give your ex what they need to get through the transition time.

But do not let them make you feel guilty. You are ready to begin a new phase in your life and it will not include a romantic relationship with your ex. It is best if you retain a positive relationship of some sort with them, but if you are ending the relationship for the right reasons, it is best for both of you.

Should you ever consider reconnecting? Does ending a relationship always mean “the end, close the book?”

That is something you have to decide. Virtually all relationships can be saved if certain conditions are met. If you have the time and are willing to make the effort, you can get through this period as an even stronger couple.

However, if you are determined to walk away, it is best to end a relationship with a clean break and move on.

How to Choose the Best Books On Relationships

Best Seller Books On Relationships May Make A Fool Of You

If your ex has just broken up with you, you may be in the marketplace for books on relationships. But how do you choose the best books on relationships among the many offerings out there?

In this article, I will show you how to choose the best books on relationships. And the answer will surprise you. Read on…

First, don’t be fooled by fancy letters after a author’s name. There are many people who find school to be a convenient escape from real life. Instead of engaging with people, they spend their time in the classroom and library. As a result, they end up with a lot of letters after their names when they hit age 35. They use their degrees to indicate that they have “expert knowledge” of a situation. But does their expertise work in the real world?

Instead, you should look for books on relationships by authors who have been in the trenches. They’ve either put a bad relationship back together themselves or they have helped countless buddies do the same. These aren’t therapy patients that come in for the “fifty minute hour” either. These relationships are those of people the author cares deeply about.

Next, you want to find books that don’t boil down to “put the relationship aside for 30 days and work on yourself during that period.” This is all most “save your relationship” or “get your ex back” reports say. Many of the ebooks on the market turn that concept into 50 page documents. These are just pieces of fluff and don’t deserve your attention – or your money.

Instead, you should look for a book that will give you new information; information that you’re friends can’t give you.

For instance,

will the book tell you what women crave the most?

Will it give you a step by step guide for how to give it to her?

Will the book show you how to recover from an affair?

Will it give you specific techniques to get relief from your pain?

Finally, look at who is recommending the book. Do the testimonials seem a little generic? Were they written by the author’s brother and second cousin?