My Health Experiences

Many years ago I have a very poor health not knowing how proper nutrition can affect my health. I always been to the doctor for being sick most of the time. Now I would like to tell my health experiences after discovering how a certain health supplement improved my health.

I am 65 years of age and usually our health start to deteriorate and start to experience some sort of illness. Before I discovered this health supplement during winter I have to have flu injection, I have bowel problem. stomach bloating due to taking an over the counter health supplement, arthritis, depression, thinning of hair , stomach ulcer and I easily get tired. My husband barely move his fingers due to chronic
arthritis, he took 3 different types of high blood pressure tablets but now only 1 tablet.

Five years since taking this health supplement I gain better health, I feel great and lead a happier life. I never been to the doctor except for check up every 3 months. I take a small steps that make a big difference in my life and the life of my friends and relatives.

I will not brag you to take this Health Supplement but If you Do Try - Here is the link.

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Here are some information -" How Healthy Are You?

We find ourself in the midst of a diabetes and obesity epidemic. More than half of the adult population in Australia and other parts of the world is either overweight or obese. Approximately 275 adults in Australia along develop diabetes every day. It is estimated that about 40% of deaths in 1997 were attributable to the combined effect of nutrition - related risk factor, including 83% of all diabetes deaths.

Poor diet and lack of physical activity has dramatically decreased our sensitivity to our own insulin. Decreased in insulin senitivity has literally "tipped" us over into an abnormal metabolic state that only leads to an unusual weight gain, but also significantly increases your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

Since the diabetes and obesity epidemics are the result of poor lifestyles, the answer to the problem is establishing a triad of new, healthier lifestyles that improve your sensitivity to your own insulin.

When you combined a healthy diet that does not spike your blood sugar, develop a modest, consistent exercise program, take high quality complete balanced nutritional supplements, you can significantly improve your sensitivity to your own insulin.

You never have to be go hungry, you feel great, more energy, and you begin to lose weight effectively.

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Australian Bureau of Statistic
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