Blog Monetization Secrets That The Pros Won't Tell You

One of the hardest parts of running a successful
blog or niche site is figuring out how to effectively
monetize it.

Relatively speaking, keyword research and
content creation are the easy bits. Working
out how you're going to turn your visitors into
cold, hard cash is much more difficult.
Indeed, if you're a member of one of the various
internet marketing forums around you're no doubt
well aware of how many questions of this nature
there are each week.
So what's the solution?
Well the bad news is that there is no
"one size fits all" answer to the question.
Differences such as your page layout, the niche
you are in, the affiliate programs available to
you and the number of visitors you get can all
impact the best monetization strategy for you.
Typically the process is a long and boring one
involving constantly changing the affiliate programs
you're promoting, where the adverts are on your website,
and the types of adverts you're showing to see which
combination of a seemingly endless number of options
will make you the most money. Profitable, but not fun.
However I'm excited to say that there *is* now a
solution that makes monetizing your site an absolute
breeze. For anyone who runs a website or blog on the
Wordpress platform, this new plugin promises to help
anyone boost their profits - without having to write
loads more content or get any more visitors.
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