A Great Boss I Have Worked With

An organization that experiences continual winning has always have a code of honor. My boss has a set of internal rules that set the standards of what is expected and how team members are expected to behave towards each other and toward the organization.The reason it is called a "code" is that it is the heart and soul of any team. It also create accountability, that is doing what you say, by being clear about what behavior is expected. You attract those who are already willing to play that way. Otherwise, you faced with having to deal with everyone's interpretation of what is acceptable.
Here are some of his stipulated code of conduct
- be on time

- never talk behind other's people's back. Deal with them face to face

- be responsible. No blaming others, finger pointing or justifying

- respect other's people opinion

- never abandon a team member in need

- complete all agreements and clean up broken or potentially broken agreements as soon as possible.

- commit to studying personal development and doing what it takes to be the best

- be loyal to each other