Let's talk About Cat Arthritis

It is in feline nature to be climbing and bounding around. They seem to have an unlimited supply of energy, and appear to be so happy while they leap and run all over your home. With this in mind, you know you want to do whatever it takes to keep them healthy and happy for as long as you can. So when you see signs that your pet may have a joint problem, you’ll want to know what you can do to make them feel better, and hopefully get them back to normal.

Arthritis is basically the inflammation of one or several of the joints. It can be caused by an infection, or even by the cats’ owns immune system. The two most common arthritic forms that affect felines’ are Traumatic Arthritis, and Osteoarthritis. No actual cure for these ailments currently exists, but there are treatments that may lessen the severity of the symptoms, and work to vastly improve your cats’ ability to get around.

If your cat is over-weight, the extra pounds that they carry may contribute to the development of feline arthritis. If you put your cat on a carefully monitored diet, it may go a long way to helping your cat to overcome the pain and discomfort that comes from arthritis.

You can also promote joint health and increase your cats’ mobility by using supplements. You may wish to use supplements containing Glucosamine, Condroitin, and Omega Three fatty acids to help keep the cartilage well lubricated and moist. They also stimulate the cells of the joints and repair the damage done by the arthritis, and act as a pain reliever to help with the stiffness and discomfort. It may take a month or two before you are able to notice the benefits of these supplements, but they are very safe, and the positive effects that they will have on your cats’ health will be apparent, and help greatly in the long run.